KTTV “Outer Limits” Parental Advisory circa 1977

From late 1977, here is a unique parental warning prior to a showing of The Outer Limits, taped from KTTV Channel 11 in Los Angeles.

In its only appearance, the NBC Penguin was used for a showing of The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” in 1967.

Doctor Who Night BBC TWO 13.11.99 (Extracts)

Extracts from BBC Two's “Doctor Who Night” on November 1999 consisting of introductions by Tom Baker, continuity announcements and a trailer for this special evening of programming. This compilation includes some of the best quality BBC Two Dalek idents I have ever seen.

For Psychotronicvortex - this is the beginning and end of my Doctor Who phase :)

NBC Petrocelli slide & “In Living Color” Peacock intro 1974

Rare 1974 version of the Laramie Peacock preceding an NBC special with John Harlan announcing.

Rare 1970s-era MTM cat logo

This is an *extremely rare* sample of the MTM “cat” logo, presumably from the 1970s. Reminescent of the Bob Newhart “meow” voiceover, but I’m not sure who dubbed this version.

A Totally Sick, Twisted, F—-ed Up NBC Peacock!

Not only have I ended up in the weird part of YouTube, but I think the NBC Peacock just got exterminated by the Daleks!

By the mid-1980s Central had introduced some colour into their ident, but with the same musical introduction as before. 

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In 1982, Central took over as the ITV franchise holder for the Midlands region.  Its first ident was pleasant enough, suggesting a ‘new dawn’ perhaps?  But more colourful efforts would follow in later years.

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NBC Peacock In Reverse

„˙ƆqN uo ɹoloɔ ƃuıʌıl uı noʎ oʇ ʇɥƃnoɹq sı ɯɐɹƃoɹd ƃuıʍolloɟ ǝɥ┴„

The notorious upside-down and “bass-ackward” NBC Peacock from the “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In” gag reel.